Revelry Events provides lighting equipment and fixtures for social events, weddings, concerts, corporate events, and other special occasions. The lighting design is tailored to the event’s theme, venue, and desired ambiance. Some common lighting services offered by our company include:

1. Up-lighting – accent lighting used to highlight specific features of the event space, such as columns, walls, or statues.

2. Pin-spotting – specialized lighting used to focus on individual elements of the event, such as centerpieces or cake tables.

3. Gobo projection – customizing the lighting with a stencil or cut-out design that is projected onto a surface.

4. Stage lighting – lighting used to enhance the performance on stage, such as spotlights, wash lights, and color-changing fixtures.

5. Dance floor lighting – led lighting is used to create a fun and energetic atmosphere for guests to dance and enjoy.

6. String-lightning – also known as fairy lights, can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings to add a warm and cozy ambiance to any space, and they are often used to create a whimsical or romantic atmosphere. 

During the event, the lighting equipment may be operated by our highly skilled experts. They make sure the lighting is correctly installed, controlled, and programmed for the duration of the event. Overall, lighting services are crucial to giving attendees a memorable event experience.

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Battery Powered Uplights
Chauvet Leko LED EVE E-50Z
Chauvet Leko LED Ovation E-910FC
Chauvet EZpin Zoom AKA Pin Spot